Heather’s hope is to empower individuals to recognize the value of taking care of oneself using a holistic path around one’s mind, body, and spiritual connection. Heather has chosen this life-long mission to continue her quest in helping others recognize that need. Her holistic philosophy and practice includes a variety of approaches in the promotion of one’s wellness and is person-centered to meet the needs of individuals.

Heather is dedicated to the belief that the mind, body, and soul deserve to be nurtured and has developed a mindful approach in helping individuals achieve that goal through authentic conversation. She is passionate about the work of helping others feel healthier and chooses to take an integrated approach blending alternative, naturopathic concepts with extensive training and education as a skilled therapist, life coach, and mentor. In the pursuit of this journey, Heather offers a myriad of services including education around essential oils and multiple benefits of incorporating their use into daily living as a healthy alternative to more traditional methods of treating mental and physical issues, when appropriate and safe. Through extensive research into the uses of the pure oils, Heather can help select and recommend essential oils for the purposes of wellness, aromatherapy and calming one’s mind and body, not to mention sheer enjoyment.

As a mental and behavioral health therapist, Heather has served and supported people experiencing trauma, loss, anxiety, and the emotional effects stemming from challenging life circumstances. She possesses a Master’s Degree in Social Work and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Sociology, and Women’s Studies. She also has a particular commitment and place in her heart for providing support to Veterans, as well.

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