Sleep and Aromatherapy

Make sleep a priority with essential oils!

The holiday season is a very special time of year with all the added activities, shopping, and events, which can lead to significant stress. Holiday stress can affect your health and the quantity of sleep you need. To begin a new path towards healthier sleep and a healthier lifestyle, begin by assessing your own individual needs and habits. According to the Sleep Foundation, the recommended sleep ranges for Adults (26-64): Sleep range is 7-9 hours and Older adults (65+): Sleep range is 7-8 hours.

The following tips can help you to safeguard your sleep and truly enjoy this holiday season: 1. Stick to a sleep schedule, even on weekends. 2. Exercise daily. 3. Beware of hidden sleep stealers, like alcohol and caffeine. 4. Turn off all electronics before bed. 5. Try aromatherapy: Lavender oil helps to relieve anxiety and alleviate insomnia. Spearmint oil promotes a sense of focus and an uplifting mood!

“I put a drop of lavender essential oil on my pillow before I go to sleep.”
~Melissa Joan Hart

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